' and he gave up the odio quisque emper augue maecenas ligula congue rutrum. Pellentesque vulputaterisus semper.

other priors then stepp●ed forward. 'God has manife

s●ted great grace to us,' they said, 'b●y calling us to die in defence of the c■atholic faith. No, the king is no■t head of the Church of England.' A few ●minutes later and these monks,

● dressed in the robes of their order, were swi

n■ging in the air. This was one o■f the crimes com

mitted when the unlawful ●tiara of the pontiffs was placed unlawfully on t●he head of a king of England. Other Car■thusians were put to death somewhat late■r. Meanwhile Henry VIII. desi

red● to preserve a balance betwee●n papists an

d heretics. The ■Roman tribunals struck one side on

ly, bu●t this strange prince gloried in strik●ing both sides at once. An oppor■tunity of doing so occurred. Some anabap■tists from the Low Countries wer■e convicted on the 25th of May:

two of them ●were taken to Smithfield and twelv

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